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Commissioner's Welcome, Philadelphia

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As the Commissioner for the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, public outreach and strategic planning are critically important items on my agenda.

According to heating and cooling St Louis, there are so many complex issues affecting people with disabilities across the country - implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the new economic reality of states, persistent unemployment, education reform efforts, and our aging population - these are only a small sample of the significant changes that are shaping the future.

Additionally, thanks to many years of hard work by advocates, families, and communities, the realities for people with developmental disabilities have positively evolved in recent decades, including:

… and many other cultural, programmatic, service and social changes.

Given this shifting landscape, I have been honored to hear how you - self-advocates, family members, allies, and professionals - describe your vision of the future for individuals with developmental disabilities. Thank you for collaborating with us throughout this process.

Sharon Lewis
Administration on Developmental Disabilities

Thank You

We extend sincere thanks to all who contributed throughout process. ADD is currently reviewing all public input and will post updates via this website in the future.